Celebrating 30 Years of Outstanding Service & Innovative Solutions

AFR Services, headquartered in Plano, TX, is a risk management company utilizing leading edge technology and dedicated personnel to deliver our services to financial institutions, insurance agencies, and individual consumers nationwide.

Since 1992, the mission of AFR has been one of commitment - a commitment to provide innovative and cost effective solutions for our valuable clients. Regardless of the need, our team of dedicated professionals will use their vast experience, coupled with cutting edge technology, to develop targeted solutions that enhance efficiency and increase productivity. We understand that the satisfaction and success of our clients builds the pathway to our future, and we are more committed than ever to continue leading in the development and provision of risk management tools and solutions for the next 30 years.

AFR Services evolved from American Flood Research, Inc., our highly successful flood zone determination entity.   American Flood rapidly became a leader in the mid 1990’s and has continued its growth each succeeding decade. That growth and success is due in large part to our incomparable flood research team and staff of Certified Floodplain Managers, whose tenure averages close to 20 years, coupled with the proprietary tools we have developed to support them in their efforts to be the best flood research facility in the industry.  As one of only 5 companies certified by the National Flood Determination Association, American Flood is highly respected not only within the determination industry, but within the lending and regulatory communities as well. Over the ensuing years, as regulatory requirements became more burdensome, AFR began to build a suite of services to assist our lender clients. As a result, loan originators and servicers of all sizes now turn to AFR as their end to end risk management solution to protect their collateral and meet federal compliance requirements, by utilizing our offerings which include Insurance Tracking, Lender Placed Insurance, Regulatory Compliance Guidance, Real Estate Tax Service, Property Valuations, Property Inspections, and USPAP compliant Desk Top Appraisals.    

AFR Insurance Services was formed in 2010 to assist homeowners, businesses, and insurance agents with their flood insurance needs.  Through our experience with flood zone determinations, we have become experts in all issues related to flood insurance.  We only write flood insurance.  This specialization has allowed us to establish ourselves as experts on the ever evolving National Flood Insurance Program and become a coverholder with Lloyd’s of London to create our own private flood insurance program.  When it comes to your flood insurance needs, our agents are uniquely suited to evaluate your situation and provide you with the best solutions available.

In addition to offering flood insurance, we offer a variety of products and services to assist our clients.  We can re-check flood zone determinations, provide elevation certificates through our nationwide network of surveyors, and process LOMA’s that remove structures from the 100 year flood zone. When it comes to flood, we have you covered.